Zombie Dash Hawaii 2015 Attracted Hundreds of Zombies and Runners

This past weekend, Events International and Zombie Dash teamed up to produce Oahu’s first Zombie Dash, hosted by Turtle Bay Resort. Within the first week of open sales, more than 800 people signed up – most to run the 5k and a handful to act as ravaging zombies.

The backstory to the Zombie Dash starts with an outbreak of a deadly virus that turns people into violent zombies. The virus is quickly spread throughout the city – there is only one cure to the virus and YOU have to collect all four components to the cure! These components were spread out along the 5 mile course while runners zig zagged and dodged bloody zombies. Once the finish line is crossed, runners were welcomed with a free hat and t-shirt that sported the Zombie Dash 2015 logo on it.

Obstacles along the course, besides zombies who chased you, include a tire run, an enclosed chain-link hallway for an up close scare, bloody medic stations, and hidden doctors who secretly passed you different components of the cure.

After the race, Jimmy Week Project performed a free concert to those who attended and those who came by after for drinks and delicious food vendors such as Bao Boys, Beyond Burgers Hi, Thai Food Olay’s Express and Pacifico Pizza.

zombie 5zombie 4

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